Wise vs revolut vs N26

 comparison of Revolut, N26, and Wise (formerly known as TransferWise).Create wise account


Revolut is a financial technology company that offers various banking services, including a mobile app that allows users to spend and transfer money globally at competitive exchange rates. It provides features like multi-currency accounts, cryptocurrency trading, and budgeting tools.


N26 is a German neobank that provides a range of banking services through its mobile app. It offers features such as real-time transaction notifications, no foreign transaction fees, and a sleek, user-friendly interface. N26 positions itself as a simple and transparent banking solution.

**Wise (TransferWise):**

Wise is known for its international money transfer services with transparent and low-cost currency exchange rates. Users can hold and transfer money in multiple currencies at the real exchange rate. It's often considered an excellent choice for international money transfers and borderless banking.

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- **International Transactions:** All three platforms are designed to facilitate international transactions with competitive exchange rates.


- **Features:** Revolut is known for its diverse features, including cryptocurrency trading. N26 focuses on simplicity and transparent banking. Wise specializes in international money transfers.

- **Fees:** While Revolut and N26 may have fees for certain premium features, Wise is renowned for its transparent and low-cost fee structure for international transfers.

- **Currency Exchange:** Wise is particularly popular for its favorable currency exchange rates, often better than traditional banks.

- **Account Types:** Revolut and N26 offer various account types, including premium and business accounts. Wise primarily focuses on personal and business accounts for international money transfers.

Ultimately, the choice between these services depends on individual preferences, needs, and the specific features that align with one's financial goals. It's important for users to consider factors such as fees, supported features, and the ease of use when deciding between Revolut, N26, and Wise.

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